8 tips on how to dress {& feel fabulous} when losing weight


I’ve spent waaay too many years of my life feeling like I had nothing to wear.

I used to wait and imagine how wonderful it would be to be skinny again. Wait for the perfect time when I’d finally be able to go shopping for that shiny new wardrobe I’d been dreaming of – the dress, the jeans, the top with the little straps, or the plunging neckline, or the cute as heck cut-out at the back – and I’d feel spectacular, spectacular…

I know… you get it.

And every morning I’d wake up and open my wardrobe doors, and feel like my clothes were taunting me: “Not today fat-so!”

So I’d decide to go on a juice cleanse and settle with being uncomfortable, unconfident, and uncool, because going shopping for new clothes to fit my current shape felt waaay harder anyways.

And being a cranky a-hole was a piece of cake.

Well – until it wasn’t.

So I did it differently.

Until I finally realised that waiting to lose weight so that you can feel fabulous is an absolutely RIDICULOUS idea, and whoever taught us to think such a thing is wrong, and must have been under the influence, or under a rock, or dressed up as a banana.

So, as I worked hard to turn my beautiful self into my most healthy self, I embraced the importance of feeling fabulous every step of the way. I realised that taking the time to love and care for my body – before and during my health journey – was the secret to a successful journey. And making the effort to dress my body in a way that made me feel ah-mazing, grew my confidence in the process.

Do me a favour? Go to the top left 'pin' button on the picture above and SHARE THE FUDGE OUT OF IT! 

Do me a favour? Go to the top left 'pin' button on the picture above and SHARE THE FUDGE OUT OF IT! 

And guess what? Putting care into your style now {not at some fictitious point in the future}, will keep you from feeling like crap.

I’m telling you – it’s far less likely that you’ll succeed if you feel like crap every time you get yourself dressed because you have nothing in your wardrobe that makes you feel good about being you. And that just leads to a crappy day.

And a crappy week.

And no weight-loss.

Because feeling crappy, motivates no-one.

And you have to know that confidence doesn’t just magically fall from the sky the second you get skinny. The confidence fairy doesn’t exist. {Boo!} You have to create confidence. Prioritise it. Practice it. You have to allow it to grow deep inside of you…

And sometimes it can take a little longer than you might think to take root.

So start growing your confidence now. Give yourself the best now. Work on your style now. Stop waiting for when you are 15 or 20 pounds lighter to feel fabulous. You deserve to feel fabulous every single day regardless of where you’re at on your health journey!

So clean out your closet, find the gems, spend a little money on a few key pieces. Create an environment in your wardrobe that inspires your confidence and that helps you fall in love with your body and your life NOW!

And if you would like me to hold your hand through the process of finding your unique personal style, sign up to be the first to receive ‘The Mom's Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Unique Personal Style,’ which will be coming very soon. {And which is 100% FREE!}

Now GO! Get yourself gorgeous!

Oh… and here are 8 tips to help!

1. Show your wardrobe who’s boss. {Hint: You are.}

It’s usually your clothes that’ll be the first thing you notice as you start losing weight. The pieces you wear everyday start loosening up, and the ones you’ve been holding onto since you weighed a little less start winking at you from your wardrobe. {Cheeky.}

That’s where you’ll begin.

By taking control of your wardrobe.

So go through it piece-by-piece and find all those hidden gems, identify gaps that need filling, and get rid of anything that in Marie Kondo’s words, doesn’t “spark joy.” Keep only what will work hard to encourage your confidence and keep you reaching for your goal.

That means that if it doesn’t make you feel gorgeous – get rid of it!

There's absolutely no point in keeping anything that doesn't serve you or your dreams.

And if something becomes too big for you – Let. It. Go. Embrace the beautiful shape you’ve worked so hard for and don’t look back!

Put the time in upfront to start the journey well – edit your wardrobe, and then continue doing mini edits every month until you reach your goal.
It’ll be worth your time.


2. The thing about basics.

Basics are those pieces in your wardrobe that go with everything.

They are the bones.

They are always reliable, often unremarkable, but essential to your style. And if you can be sure to have a few basics in your wardrobe as you reach each milestone in your weight-loss journey, then you’ll always have something to wear and feel fabulous in.

Aim for at least five basic pieces that fit you beautifully, are comfortable to wear, and transcend time and trends.

Find a great pair of jeans, a gorgeous dress, a fitted blouse, a classic skirt, or a structured pair of pants… whichever five pieces you’ll get the most wear out of. Keep their design simple to start with, and then as you get closer to reaching your goal weight, you can start adding the glitter.

And if the basics don’t exist in your wardrobe, then treat yourself to some shopping.

Buy a few key pieces that make you feel good NOW!

And then use your accessories to turn them into something remarkable.

3. Go wild with accessories. All of you.

Your shoes, your bags, your scarves, your earrings, your necklaces {and your feather boa’s}, are your BEST FRIEND!

They’ll stand alongside you regardless of your weight.

They’ll give you happy feelings, they’ll tell the world how truly fabulous you are, and they’ll encourage you to keep going when all you want to do is hide in the cupboard and eat cupcakes.

Accessories turn a basic outfit from meh to magnifique!

So go shopping. Have fun! Spend up!

And if you want to learn more about how to use your accessories to dress remarkably CLICK HERE. This ONE technique is easy-and-pie and I know you’ll love it and use it!

PS. If there are certain pieces in your wardrobe that are getting a touch too baggy, belts are perfect for a little waist cinching.

4. Stretch fabrics will make the greatest difference.

Okay, so I’m not talking about 1980’s rainbow leotards here. No.

I’m talking about clothes that are made out of beautiful quality stretch fabrics – like microfibre, jersey, ponte, bamboo, model and knits. {Many of which probably already exist in your wardrobe.}

Look for pieces that fit you now, but have lots of stretch and will still work for you toward the end of your journey when you have reached your goal.

Try tube skirts, or tunic dresses and tops. Stretch wrap dresses and tops are fantastic too. You will get lots of wear out of these as you lose weight, and the shape is beautiful on all body types {particularly on bigger busted ladies}. Anything with stretch ruching near the waist is lovely. And leggings are a must – they are incredibly comfortable and are great to layer underneath other pieces to create a different look.

Oh, and look out for stretch or elastic waists on pants and skirts too.

They get a bad wrap, but they really shouldn't. They’ll be perfect for you throughout your entire weight-loss journey.

5. The magic of alterations.

When you reach your first milestone and your clothes are starting to look a little on the sloppy side, you must introduce yourself to the wonderful world of tailoring.

Alter tops, dresses, jackets and skirts to fit your body. It’s amazing what can be done with a needle and thread and a person who knows what they’re doing!

And get your jeans altered too. I do. Get them to pop in a couple of darts and you’ll be all set for another few months. And then, when you have reached your goal weight, you can splurge on a pair of jeans you absolutely love and that fit you to perfection.

Experienced tailors will be able to tell you which of your favourite pieces are worth altering and which pieces aren't. And they’ll know exactly how to take the garment is so that it looks fantastic on you.

But be sure to ask around for recommendations.

6. The clever art of buying quality and then selling on eBay.

Have a ball and buy higher prices clothes as you go along with the intention of selling them on eBay once they no longer fit or flatter you.

This is a marvellous way to splurge a little more on quality and quantity upfront, without worrying as much about the investment.

People who sell their clothes on eBay say they generally receive between 60% and 80% of the purchase price back.

This means that you can have a whole world of fun wearing more of the clothes you love for a season, for a fraction of the price. And it also means that you can use the money you receive from the sale to buy smaller clothes as the weight comes off.

Because you know ahead of time that you’ll be selling your clothes down the track – care for them well, and be sure to keep the tags and receipts to use as a part of your listing for when you go to sell them.

Click HERE to learn more about selling your clothing on eBay.

7. Now, regarding those undergarments.

So you’re starting to see a change in the shape of your body. Yay you!

But there's one part of your body that you didn’t expect to change that much – your boobs!

As most women lose weight, they tend to lose a little {or a lot!} off their boobs too. {Bye-bye fatty tissue we wish we could keep.}

Clothes are always going to look a trillion times better over beautifully fitted bras.

I recommend buying at least two bras for each stage of your weight-loss journey. Once your bras starts to feel too big, add another couple into the rotation {usually every 5kg].

  1. An everyday bra in flesh.

  2. An everyday bra in black. {Or a second flesh one if you don’t wear much black.}

And add 1 – 2 sports bras if you’re working out.

 You’ll need to wash these bras a whole lot more than usual, which means they won’t last as long. But that’s okay. Because by the time they’ve died, they won’t fit you anymore anyway.

And look out for bras with cups that are more forgiving. Soft cups with flexible fabrics that will contour around the changes of your bust shape. Avoid cups that are moulded – they will gape and crease and look horrible under your clothing as you lose weight. No thanks.

As you get closer to your goal, you may want to add a few extra pretty {sexy!} bras into the rotation.

8. And then dazzle everyone with your new wardrobe.

You’ve done absolutely AH-MAZING! So treat yourself to some beautiful, sparkly new things!

But please – don’t rush out and buy ten new pieces at once!

Now that you’ve reached your goal weight, you’ve officially moved into a new season and it’s more than likely that your personal style has completely changed. Or perhaps you’re unsure of how to dress your new body, and you don’t even know what your personal style is anymore.

To begin with, you must take some time to figure out a few important things: Who are you? How do you want to feel? What do you want to say through your clothes? What are your goals and dreams? And how do you want to take the beauty, intelligence, and power that’s inside of you, and express that on the outside of you?

Answering these questions will be the beginning of building a wardrobe (and life!) you love. Because style is an opportunity. It’s an instant language. It’s a way to share your story and your message without saying a word.

So the process should be both thoughtful and intentional.

Because I know you have something important to say.

And if you would like some more personalised support in discovering your own unique personal style, my one-on-one program Brand Yourself Beautiful will help you figure out your personal style and shine blindingly bright.

Now. I’d LOVE for you to write one of your magical little love notes at the bottom of this post to tell me what you think. {I mean you're soooo good at that.} Tell me: Do you have any other exceptionally helpful tips for dressing and feeling fabulous while you're on your weight loss journey?

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