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Last Thursday I did a Facebook Live where I spoke about using what I call the ‘Stage Strategy’ when it comes to getting dressed each day, and showing up in your business. It’s a mindset shift that has helped so many of my clients get out of their work from home entrepreneurial style rut.

Because the rut is real, isn’t it?

When you work from home, it’s far too easy to just pop on the same thing you wore yesterday, or stay in your PJ’s and not get dressed at all. But the problem is, that doing that often doesn’t set you up for the sort of day I know you need to have to become the kind of woman you want to become.

Because it makes you feel like crap. 

I had such an amazing response to my post last week: Ready to escape the work from home style rut? that I thought I’d flesh it out a bit more.

So today I’ll talk about my ‘Stage Strategy,’ which is to break your wardrobe into three parts – Front Stage, Back Stage and Off Stage. And then I'll talk about how you can be using each of these wardrobes really intentionally in your business, in a way that feels completely you AND your brand.

And so that no matter where you're at in your style journey – a complete newbie or a total fashionista – that you can use this 'Stage Strategy' in a way that supports your success.

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I had a client a few months back who was in a dreadful style rut when she first came to me for help. She’d had her third baby, she was flat and exhausted and unsure and uninspired, and not at all like the savvy business woman she wanted to be.

She was ready to make some big changes.

And I realised that a big part of her struggle was that when it came to her style, it was like an all or nothing thing. Like she had to be this drop-dead gorgeous glamour puss 100% of the time… or give up on the idea of style altogether.

Now I have a really special way of helping my clients figure out how to connect the very depths of who they are with the message of their brand, and then express both those things equally through the way they dress and the way they present themselves in their business. And this REALLY helped her. 


Stage strategy

But around the same time, I was developing my ideas around what I now call my ‘Stage Strategy’ for getting dressed. 

It’s an idea that was inspired by leadership mentor Michael Hyatt. And one of the products I use of his called the Full Focus Planner, which I am utterly obsessed with.

Michael hyatt clarissa grace waking up in paris personal style online branding

And when you receive your first planner in the mail, you also get a handful of small training videos which go along with it. And in one of those videos, Michael encourages you to allocate each day of your week to either front stage time, back stage time, or off stage time. {You'll see them listed on the planner below on the top left of the page.}

The kinds of activities that you do on each one of these days will be different.

full focus planner michael hyatt clarissa grace waking up in paris personal style online branding

So, for me, front stage time is Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

It’s when I do the things I was hired to do. And those are the days where I do things like one-on-one coaching calls with clients, group coaching programs, networking, webinars, Facebook lives, podcasts, or photo and video shoots.

On these days I always try to look my best – I’ve done my hair, I have a full face of makeup, and I wear my prettiest tops and jewels which all work seamlessly with my brand.

Mondays and Tuesdays are my back stage time.

It’s when I prepare to do the things I was hired to do. For me this is mostly content creation. So things like writing content for my courses, writing articles or blog posts, or posts for social media, refining my website, or going through email and slack messages.

On these days I actually look pretty ordinary. And I usually wear workout clothes.

Now they're still beautiful workout clothes! They’re not 150 years old with yucky stains all over them! But they're comfortable, and lovely, and they help me be the most productive personal I can be. They also help me psychologically with eating well and drinking regularly, and making sure I’ve been for my run before I take them off for the day.  

And then off stage time is Saturdays and Sundays.

These are days when I don’t work. When I try my best to not even think of work. It’s when I’m spending time with my family and friends. It’s when we go to the beach, or have picnics on the river, or go strawberry picking with the kids, or go out on the boat, or hang out in cute cafes.

And on these days I look like a feminine, bohemian beach babe. My clothes are casual and flowy and lose, and although they are still 100% my personal style, they are very different to what I would wear front stage.

Being able to separate your wardrobe into 3 parts like this – front stage, back stage, and off stage – helps incredibly with being able to simplify your mindset around getting dressed. It removes the pressure and is FAR less overwhelming when you are in the early stages of building a branded wardrobe and style.


Now, like I said earlier, I do have a really special video which teaches you how to connect the core of who you are with the message and the heartbeat of your brand, and then use those things as a foundation for your style and the way to show up visually in your business.

So if you’d like to get your hands on that, just click the button below and fill in your detail.


Show your work…

When it comes to each one of these wardrobes it's important that you are being really intentional with the way you use them throughout your business. It's important for you to be revealing more than just your perfectly curated Front Stage wardrobe {and self} to your audience. And that you're inviting them to see your Back Stage and your Off Stage too.

It’s something I’m really working on in my business at the moment too.

Now we all know what Front Stage looks like. It's our perfectly applied ruby red lippie, it’s the beautifully styled images we splash all over Instagram, it’s those pretty Pinterest pictures we can’t get enough of. it's those professionally edited YouTube videos.

But we need to be revealing out back stage and off stage too, because this is what makes us real. It’s what makes us relatable. It’s what helps our audience genuinely and authentically connect with us.

So show your Back Stage. Show them what you’re working on. Show them the tools of your craft. The start. The middle. The mess. The mistakes. People WANT to see that stuff.

There is a fantastic book by Austin Kleon which I love, and which has really inspired me. It's called Show Your Work. And is about why generosity is so much more important than genius. How it’s not about self-promotion, but about self-discovery. So let others into your process.

And then show your Off Stage too. Because let’s face it – there are probably plenty of people who are doing the exact same thing that you are doing. Teaching the exact same thing that you are teaching. In the same way that you are.

But showing your Off Stage helps people get to know YOU, know your style, not just your stuff. You don’t need to be Miss Perfectly Polished all the time. Reveal your reality. It matters.

But regardless of weather you are showing your Front Stage, Back Stage, or Off Stage  wardrobe…


Show them your sweaty gym gear INTENTIONALLY.

Show them your messy top bun INTENTIONALLY.

Show them your favourite dress with baby puke on it INTENTIONALLY.

That’s what gives your audience the kind of glimpse into your world that makes them nod their head in understanding. Which is GOOD! Right?


Now, I have a super special video which teaches you how to connect the beauty of who you are with the story of your brand, and then translate that into a style you absolutely LOVE. It’s a little kickstarter training to my Brand Yourself Beautiful Signature System which is very much created around building a branded Front Stage wardrobe.

But the exact same system can then be used to build your Back Stage and Front Stage wardrobe too, which is pretty darn cool.

So click the link below and pop in your details. You'll be THRILLED you did! 


Your intention

Now, I’d also like to talk to you about making a decision about what your intentions are for each one of these three wardrobes. And then, with that intention in mind, I find it really helpful to choose 3 adjectives can help solidify that intention in your mind as you get yourself dressed each day.

So for example, my three intention words for my Front Stage wardrobe are: confident, beautiful, and enticing.

My three intention words for my Back Stage wardrobe are: productive, comfortable, and healthy.

And then my three intention words for my Off Stage wardrobe are: relaxed, free, adventurous.

So ask yourself: What is your intention for your Front Stage time, your Back Stage time, and your Off Stage time? And how can you use these words to help you dress in a way that supports that intention?


And remember – click the peachy-pink button below if you’d like to get your hands on my little kickstarter training video to my Brand Yourself Beautiful Signature System, which is very much created around building a branded Front Stage wardrobe and connecting the beauty of who you are with the very important message of your brand, and then translate that into a style you absolutely LOVE. And it’s so simple.


If you’re in a bit of a style rut, or if you feel overwhelmed when it comes to your wardrobe, or with what the heck to wear as the face and body of your business, then this is exactly what you need. So click it!


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