Dressing remarkably when you're a mama & you haven't slept in years


There have been countless times in my life when I’ve felt at least 265 world’s away from feeling remarkable.

Like after each baby I’ve birthed, or when I’m sick or sad or stressed. Or when I’m beyond exhausted because my little girl has Disney witch dreams, and my middle boy has growing pains, and my big boy thinks he hears scary noises in the middle of the night which are just those dang possums {continuously!} having all-night soiree’s in my roof.

Certainly not feeling remarkable then.

Prove to yourself that you’re amazing by clicking the little red 'pin' button up in the top left corner. {Yay you!}

Prove to yourself that you’re amazing by clicking the little red 'pin' button up in the top left corner. {Yay you!}

But such a big part of being an ambitious woman is about putting a flashlight on the remarkable.


Being different. Being unique. Being unforgettable. And we try to create that one-in-a-trillion product, course, brand, blog… and often, we actually do.

But what about us? What is it that sets us apart? What makes us remarkable?

A little while back I was hit with this huge realisation about myself. It was this: Whenever I felt unremarkable on the inside, what I wore on the outside became equally unremarkable.

Does this happen to you too?

It’s like my clothes became a blazing mirror with flashing lights framing my rather uninspired, dull, downright depressing feelings.

It’s as though I was telling the entire world my secret story of un-creativity, exhaustion, sadness and shame.

Nothing like the shiny, sparkly, want-to-change-the-world woman I’d planned on being in my head.

Feeling, meh. Dressing, meh. {Living, meh.} And on it went on like that for a tad bit too long.

Until one marvellous day {after too many truly bad days}, I decided I was tired of the story I was telling and I wanted to tell a different one.

I decided to stop dressing how I felt, and start dressing how I wanted to feel. And I decided to dress like the women I was working so hard to become, even though I hadn't become her yet.

It was time to start dressing remarkably again. {Yay!} 

I love how Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia expresses this very thing in The Little Black Book of Style: ‘This instant language is much smarter than it gets credit for at times. They are just clothes, shoes, and bags, you could say. And people do say it, day after day. But I think they are more than clothes, shoes, and bags. They are a large part of a woman’s character and tell us a bit of her story without saying a word.’

The idea of dressing remarkably reminded me of my fashion school days. I used to play these silly little games each morning as I was getting myself dressed, where I would give myself the challenge to throw together as many remarkable pieces as possible. {There is a LOT of pressure to look fabulous in fashion school!} The memory inspired me to start doing the same.

Well, sort of.

Instead, it inspired me to become ultra deliberate about choosing ONE remarkable piece to wear each morning. {Instead of my fashion school standard of 47 pieces all at once.} {Yes girls – I was a true fashionista back then.} {Aka: Hot-mess.} {Don't recommend it!}

Just ONE remarkable piece each day, each time I walked out the door was all it took for me to start feeling beautiful again, confident again, and in control.

And a rather lovely side-effect is that I got a zillion compliments in the process. {Wink!} Because I have realised that wearing just ONE remarkable piece totally tricks people into thinking I am waaaaaaaaay more fabulous than I really am. Cheeky. Seriously. Try it.

Really! Tomorrow morning when you are preparing to dress your gorgeous on the inside, very soon to be gorgeous on the outside self for the day, try to think of how you could add just ONE something to your outfit which could transform it into remarkable.

And what I mean by the word ‘Remarkable’, I mean: Worthy of remarking upon.

Now, don’t you start thinking to yourself that I’m this fashion warden, bullying you into wearing some out-of-this-world, outrageously gorgeous, completely WOW! outfit each time you pop up to the corner store to grab yourself some Nutella.

Not at all. Not so.

But what I am saying is – if you are scurrying out in a simple t-shirt and jeans, you can elevate your entire look to remarkable, by adding a little something with a touch of sparkle, or a pop of colour, or a little of leopard-print, or by draping yourself in a full-length fur coat. {I jest!}

CLICK BELOW for my list of 10 quick ways to transform your outfit from beige, bland and boring, to being worthy of remarking upon. Print it out. Highlight your favorites. Blu-tac it to the inside of your wardrobe door. Because if you can hit one of these a day – then you're golden girlfriend!


Use this clever little list as a way to check in with yourself each morning.

Ask yourself: Is this outfit worthy of remark?

If it’s not feeling entirely remarkable, ask yourself whether there is something you could add? A pop of colour? A pattern? A piece of statement jewellery? Some shockingly chic red lipstick?

Be a little dramatic. Go a touch crazy. Be different. Have fun!

And, THEN I want you to look out for other women who are doing the same! Follow this little tidbit by the ever-adorable Zoe Foster Blake in her book Amazinger Face, where she says: ‘And so I urge you: if you see a woman with a terrific smile, or great skin, or nice hair, or shoes or frock, say something! There is a very good chance that she put in some extra effort, which is precisely why you noticed whatever it was you noticed, so give her a verbal high-five, why don't you? You'll feel good, she'll feel wonderful, and somewhere out there a pixie will finally be granted her golden wings.’

Celebrate beauty. Encourage creativity. Throw compliments around like confetti!

Because who doesn't want a pixie to be granted her magical golden wings?

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Author: Clarissa Grace

As fashion designer, style coach, and founder of Waking Up In Paris, Clarissa Grace teaches female entrepreneurs to embrace their body, redefine beauty and transform themselves through the power of personal style. She is professionally trained in fashion design, costume design, and haute couture through The Paris American Academy, and has created hundreds of couture wedding gowns for brides under her self named label. Clarissa has been splashed on the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Woman's Day, chatted on Channel 7 and Nine, and dressed some of Australia's most dazzling stars such as Isabel Lucas, Kate Ritchie, Jodi Gordon and Ricki-Lee Coulter.


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Waking Up In Paris | Clarissa Grace | Personal Style Online | Online Fashion Stylist | Confidence Coach | Mom Boss | Fashion For Working Moms & Mompreneurs

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