Ready to escape the work from home style rut?


Being an entrepreneur that works from home can be a tricky thing when it comes to your wardrobe and showing up as the face and body of your business. And I think many of us would consider ourselves to be in a style rut because of it.

But today I want to teach you a really simple mindset shift that will take the pressure off getting dressed each morning. And it really helped me as I settled into my style as a home-based entrepreneur.



This idea that I’m going to talk to you about today was inspired by leadership mentor Michael Hyatt.

I adore Michael Hyatt and the work he does and the way he helps completely overwhelmed high-achievers win at business, succeed at life, and lead with confidence. He just gives this gift of clarity, and courage, and then provides you with the tools you need to stop that rollercoaster of franticness and start living with focus.

And it’s never just about business with him, which I think is incredibly unique in the business world. He teaches about thriving in every are of your life – your family, your relationships, your health, your mind, your spirit, your hobbies, your passions and interests outside of your business.

I talk a lot about the importance of intentionally creating a beautiful life for yourself. It’s the thing that inspired me to design my Brand Yourself Beautiful Signature System, so that I could help support you in a really big part of that process.

And Michael Hyatt’s work has played a really big role in helping me develop the heart, the intention, and the intelligence behind that system. Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of him.

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Now, one of the products I use by Michael Hyatt is his Full Focus Planner, which I’m completely obsessed with.

When you receive your first planner in the mail, you also get a handful of small training videos to go along with it. And as I was going through all the videos for the first time a while back, there was one particular video that really inspired the way I teach.

It was this one video where Michael was explaining the difference between front stage time, back stage time, and off stage time in the context of using his Full Focus Planner. You can see it here on the planner toward the top of the left hand page, where he encourages you to allocate either front stage, back stage, or off stage to every day of the week.

full focus planner michael hyatt clarissa grace waking up in paris personal style online branding

Here’s how he describes each of these times…


Front stage…

First he talks about front stage time. This is the part of your week where you do what you were hired to do. These are the things that move your business forward. The things that generate real revenue for your business. It could be delivering speeches or workshops or webinars. Or recording audio or video content, or meeting with clients or partners or prospects.

When it comes to Waking up in Paris, my front stage time is things like one-on-one coaching calls with clients, group coaching programs, networking, webinars, Facebook lives, podcasts, or photo and video shoots.

For me, Wednesdays, Thursday’s and Friday’s are my front stage times.

And when it comes to my front stage time, my main focus is on wearing really beautiful tops that I love because 9 times out of 10, that’s all that’s being seen of me when I’m online. I also like my pants to be super simple and comfortable for working at home. And then statement earrings are one of my signatures too, so they’re always a priority for me when I’m putting my look together for the day. I want to always look feminine and professional and unique and fresh and beautifully put together.


Back stage…

Next, there’s back stage time. This is a time where you PREPARE to do what you were hired to do. So that might be going through email or slack messages. It might be spending time on social media. Doing research or writing content, or learning a new skill or taking a course that makes you more successful on stage. Or it could be planning future events, or meeting with your team to plan big upcoming projects.

For me, backstage time is mostly for content creation. That will be things like writing content for my courses, writing articles or blog posts, or posts for social media, refining my website, or going through email and slack messages.

I keep Mondays and Tuesdays as my back stage time.

I’m personally most productive when I’m feeling comfortable and healthy and energetic, which is why I often wear workout clothes for my back stage time. Now for most stylists, workouts clothes are a huge no-no, but I disagree. Clothes have a huge impact on our mind, and for me, my workout clothes encourage me to be eating healthy throughout my work day, they encourage me to be drinking regularly, and they keep me accountable to my daily run before I take them off. But my workout clothes are still beautiful to me. They’re still really high quality and they still work with my personal style. So if you’re in the same boat, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it! Just make sure they’re not 365 years old with big daggy holes and stains all over them. If that’s you – get yourself some new workout clothes. K?

However, this is not the case for everybody. Wearing workout clothes back stage might make you feel lazy and unproductive and not at all like the world changing woman you want to be. So you have to experiment. Pay attention to how certain clothes make you feel and wear the clothes that are most supportive in setting you up for a successful day. If that means wearing a three piece suit with 4 inch heels, then go for it. If that means wearing your yoga pants, that’s ok too. Just be intentional about it.


Off stage…

And then finally, there’s off stage time. This is the time you spend resting and rejuvenating. It might be physically resting, or it might be enjoying some kind of recreation, or having long leisurely meals with family and friends. It could be going to church, or building your most precious relationships. It’s a time when you don’t work.

Off stage time for me is waaaay more relaxed. They are my Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

And we live right on the beach in the tropical north of Australia. I’m also a mum to 3 kiddies, so I love wearing clothes that are cool and loose and flowy and really casual and low maintenance so that I can be running around with my kids and going out on the boat and having picnics on the river and popping out to cute cafes up the street.

Below you'll see an example of what my front stage wardrobe, back stage wardrobe and off stage wardrobe might look like. 

clarissa grace front stage back stage off stage wardrobe waking up in paris

I suggest focussing on building your front stage wardrobe first. Then you can repeat the process again for your back stage and off stage wardrobe too. K?

Now, I have written a guide called ‘The Female Entrepreneurs Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Unique Personal Style” which is a jumpstart to my Brand Yourself Beautiful Signature System. And will teach you how to find your unique personal style in a way that really connects to the heart and message of your brand. Basically it teaches you how to figure out your personal style for your Front Stage wardrobe.

If you’d like access to that, then click the button below and pop in your details.


Now, I just want to be really clear that the Brand Yourself Beautiful Signature System is very much focussed on building your front stage wardrobe first. Once your front stage wardrobe is busting with beauty, then you can use the exact same system to build your back stage and off stage wardrobes too.

So again, if you’d really like to simplify the process of getting dressed each day you are working on your business, keep this concept of front stage, back stage and off stage in mind. It will take the pressure off and let you show up as the special snowflake that you truly are!


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