Why I think "dressing your shape" is a really bad idea


You may have read in some fashion magazine or in a book or blog somewhere {definitely not here}, that comparing yourself to a piece of fruit, is a really good way to help you understand your body and develop your personal style.

Well, I am here to say that that is complete rubbish – because how can comparing your body to a piece of fruit ever be a clever idea?

Share share share. Don’t be withholding. Pinterest is risk-free… promise. 

Share share share. Don’t be withholding. Pinterest is risk-free… promise. 

It can't be.

It's a ridiculous way to describe your body and we must all do our best to stop these dreadfully degrading typologies once and for all.

Because what woman in her right mind wants to be defined as a pear, a cherry, a strawberry, or a stick of rhubarb? And how can any of us accept and love our bodies when they are being compared to a piece of produce?

To be honest. I probably wouldn’t mind so much if I was a double cherry. {Cherries are my fav.} But I’m an apple. And fashion industry experts agree that out of all the fruits, apple’s are the most challenging shapes to dress. #blessed

{Image credit left to right:  Image 1 ,  Image 2 ,  Image 3 ,  Image 4 .}

{Image credit left to right: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.}

Don’t you think there has to be a better solution to teaching women how to dress themselves in a way that is accepting and honouring of their shape, but that is also a little less, um, fruity? {FYI there definitely IS a better way.}

Especially when the whole concept of “dressing your shape” feeds into the idea that we need to fix or manipulate ourselves to fit into a beauty ideal which is not even our own. It’s not what we’re going for at all, is it sweet-pea?

Because it’s brainwashing and it’s bonkers. 

And because we are world changing women, goddamnit!

We are redefining beauty and crafting our message in a way that feels real, and creative, and self-expressive, and inclusive, and smart, and FUN. {Which is so much better that obeying the rules of whatever fruit you are, wouldn’t you agree?}

Personal style should begin with YOU.

It should begin with answering these 2 questions: What do I find beautiful? What do I want to say? This is the foundation of your personal style.

{If you’d like a couple of mind-map templates to help you out with answering these questions –  click the button below.}


You also want to ask yourself: How do I want to feel? And how can I use clothes as a way to heal myself? Encourage myself? Uplift myself?

NOT: What fruit am I so that I can look 5kg lighter and 136.5” taller?

No wonder women are so confused about their personal style! The whole bloody industry is upside-down.

I created Waking Up In Paris, specifically because I see how confusing, frustrating, and downright disheartening style can be for you. I know how much money you’re wasting on “flattering” clothes that end up with the other 80% of your wardrobe that you never wear, never felt good in, and never truly loved.

It’s EXACTLY why you have nothing to wear, even though your wardrobe is overflowing!


You’re probably focussed on dressing your shape {because you’ve been told that that’s the first most important thing}, while forgetting about what is beautiful to you and what you want to say.

Don’t get me wrong pumpkin. I’ve been a fashion designer for over 20 years, and I don’t deny that there are specific silhouettes, styles, and styling tricks that can be used to alter, manipulate, and “flatter” your darling figure. And I think it's a fabulous tool to use at will, once you have a really good grasp on your personal style.

But that comes later. Way later.

First. You need to figure out your personal style. {You should read my big beefy Ultimate Guide to finding your unique personal style if you want to do that.} {It really is very good.}

You need to give yourself the freedom to discover what you love and what is beautiful to you. Take the time to experiment with a whole bunch of different styles, cuts, colours, fabrics and prints.

Develop your own aesthetic FIRST. {Click the button below to get your mind-maps. They’ll be the best place for you to start.}


If you’re still figuring out your unique personal style, and your also worrying about the fashion industry rules for your particular species of fruit, the creative process will be completely ruined. You’ll be too busy trying to find clothes you “should” be wearing, while altogether missing the gorgeous pieces that could have become the most splendid elements of your new style.

Such a shame.

So please. Wear clothes you love. Wear clothes that express your personal style and that make you feel beautiful. And just forget about all the “dress your shape” stuff for now.

It’s a dumb system, don’t you think?

Now you!

Agree? Or not?

And how do you think the rules of “dressing your shape” has had an impacted on your personal style?

Tell me in the comments…

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