From meh to magnifique?

From amateur to expert?

From so-so to SOLD?

What if you could LOOK like the Wonder-Woman you’ve worked so hard to become?





Stop rolling your eyes at me! {I can see you.}

Look. Does any of this sound familiar?

clarissa grace waking up in paris personal style online coach business branding

 You feel self-conscious and you hate it. You wish you could be all smiles and jazz hands at the idea of ‘being seen,’ but truthfully, you're shy and embarrassed over the way you look and you know it’s holding you back from your greatest impact.

 You’re in a yoga pant and t-shirt rut. You work from home, so you usually just throw your hair in a top bun, and then pop on your yoga pants and 365-year-old t-shirt. {It’s so soft.} But you feel daggy and baggy and boring and your sick-to-death of it. #beenthere

 You have no idea what your personal style is. You became a mum and everything changed – your life, your career, your body, your priorities. You have no idea what looks good on you or what your personal style even is anymore.

 You’re successful in every area of your life, except this area. You’ve worked so hard to give your family everything, your business everything, but you’ve neglected YOU. You want to look {and feel} like the expert you’ve worked so hard to become.

 There is a disconnect between your message and your style. You know the way you look is contradictory to your message and you worry that it might damage your credibility. That it might be the thing holding people back from hiring you.

 You have nothing to wear. You have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, but nothing to wear. You have webinars, events, photo shoots, but nothing that feels comfortable, or ‘YOU,’ and nothing that comes even close to expressing the message and heartbeat of your business.



Did you put up your hand to any {or all} of the above? Great! Then you're in the right place!


Hey! I'm Clarissa Grace. I’m a personal style and brand coach, as well as the founder of Waking up in Paris. And I help female entrepreneurs find their dazzling core of confidence, shine bright like a damn diamond & magnetise dream clients. 

I've been professionally trained in fashion design, costume design and haute couture through The Paris American Academy, and created hundreds of couture wedding gowns for brides under my own label, Clarissa Grace Couture. My gowns have been splashed on the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, New Idea and Woman's Day, I’ve chatted on Channel 7 and Nine, and designed dresses for some of Australia's most shiny stars such as Isabel Lucas, Kate Ritchie, Jodi Gordon and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

And I’ve experienced intimately the way grief can create a wardrobe of its own. After the suicide of my dad and the death of my third son, two weeks later, I went from wearing clothes that were beautiful, expressive, and feminine… to clothes that were bland, baggy and black.

But after a long season of sadness and a desire for so much more, I made the decision to stop dressing the way I felt, and start dressing the way I wanted to feel. I started dressing like the woman I wanted to become even though I hadn't become her yet.  

And by bringing beauty back into my wardrobe, I was delightfully surprised that it not only transformed my style… but my mind, my heart, and my life.

And I know it can change yours too! 

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Do you think I’m being a touch dramatic?


I mean, maybe it won’t completely change your life, but it will most definitely change your wardrobe. And a wardrobe that reflects who you want to be can change the way you see yourself.

And when you see yourself differently, you feel differently. And when you feel differently you think differently. And when you think differently you believe differently…

And believing differently is when the impact you only ever dreamed of – actually starts happening.


See how it works Beauty?




Would you like some help getting to the tippity-top part of that triangle? 

brand yourself beautiful waking up in paris clarissa grace personal style online


Just stop for a moment & imagine…

clarissa grace waking up in paris personal style online branding coaching business

 Having unshakable confidence. Imagine feeling proud and prepared and beautiful when you go in front of an audience, or in front of a camera… when you magnetise dream clients and sell more because of your spectacular style and confidence. 

 Dressing stylishly in minutes. Imagine opening your wardrobe each morning and absolutely LOVING everything in it. And what a marvelous start to the day when minutes later you're dressed in an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident and completely YOU.

 Knowing EXACTLY what your personal style is. Imagine discovering your very own unique personal style… a style that gets you standing out from the competition, that gets people showering compliments all over you, and that gets you shining bright like a damn diamond.

 Looking like the expert. Imagine being able to help more people and being able to have greater impact because your clothes tell your story, because they accurately match your message, and because people actually BELIEVE you’re the expert you’ve worked so hard to become.

 Shopping like a pro. Imagine shopping {online or off}, without a wasted moment because you know exactly what type of clothes to look for, what you love, what works on your body, and what feels good to you. 

 Feeling like a leader. Imagine having a personal style that supports you in your business… a style that propels you into being a leader that is a beautiful, strong, sexy, powerful example of self-love, self-confidence, and REAL BEAUTY to the people you serve.



That's right!

And get this, petal – you can get al of this by simply using your style more strategically.

Let me introduce you to: Brand Yourself Beautiful


Brand Yourself Beautiful is my 6 week, one-on-one program, that'll help you nail your personal style and transform yourself into a branded superstar.

The program will teach you how to take control of your closet, and how to use the power of personal style to your advantage.

Because you are as important as any celebrity, icon, or Fortune 500 CEO, and nailing your personal style will not only help you sell your message, it'll help you sell YOU.

Brand Yourself Beautiful will help you tell the world exactly who you are before you've even opened your mouth – strengthening your message, connecting you to your audience, growing your presence, sky-rocketing your confidence, and virtually guaranteeing your success. 

waking up in paris clarissa grace personal style online coaching testimonial


"Clarissa helped me understand how I could use style in a really strategic way. She taught me that style isn't a superficial thing of throwing fabric on your body. That it's a ritual of giving yourself crazy confidence, amazing self-worth, and a standout message that will do all the speaking for you in your business and life. 

waking up in paris clarissa grace personal style online ttestimonial


"I think the way I used to dress was far too over the top. Clarissa's program helped me create looks that are perfectly my style, but also stylish. Now I have fun mixing and matching and creating looks that help my business stand out, but in a much more elegant way. I used to do “too much.” Now I do “just enough.”

waking up in paris clarissa grace personal style online testimonial


"Clarissa also taught me to give the fashion industry rules the finger. No more “dress your shape”. She gave me permission to have fun, and focus on what I love. It’s liberating. Now I wear clothes that make me feel beautiful and comfortable and Clarissa really taught me the value of that."



What's included you ask?

 6 one-on-one 45 minute coaching calls

Recordings provided of each call

Email support and feedback

• Actionable program workbook

Final style profile and digital mood-board


Let's take a look at what you'll learn each week…

WEEK 1: Reality: Have a good look at where things are at with your style right now – what you are loving, what you are hating, and then set goals to match. 

WEEK 2: Style & Brand: Learn what is uniquely beautiful to you, and figure out what it is you want the world to know about your message and your brand.

WEEK 3: Body Image: Change your mind about your body and learn to accept {and love} her EXACTLY as she is right NOW. No diets. No exercise. No surgery. 

WEEK 4: Pinterest: Immerse yourself in inspiration and beauty and stuff that makes your heart SING! Get you're creative juices gushing!

WEEK 5: Experiment: Find the patterns, fine-tune, make lists, try stuff on, experiment, and soak yourself in style heaven.

WEEK 6: Style Profile: Put it all together by creating a mood-board and a written style summary that you can keep near your wardrobe for whenever an extra dose of inspiration is needed.


Want a bonus too?

You got it!

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I'll give you a 7th call free!

WEEK 7: Organise & Edit Your Wardrobe: Let me help you clear the clutter and get your wardrobe looking clean and fresh and ooh-la-la lovely, while helping you decide to ditch anything that doesn't reflect the unique personal style you've just discovered. 



So. Are you ready to nail your personal style & become a branded superstar in six weeks flat?


Then let's chat.


BUT. I'm sure you can understand, I can only accept a small hand-full of one-on-one clients at a time. So to get the ball rolling, let me offer you a FREE one-on-one Clarity Call with moi, by clicking the blue button below. And together we’ll have a look at…

  • What’s working and what’s not working about your style right now.
  • Where you want to go and dig deeper into the delight of what’s possible.
  • What’s holding you back from having the style you wish for.
  • A quick three-step action plan which’ll get you moving from feeling meh to MAGNIFIQUE, through the power of personal style.

LET'S see if we're a fit!


Read some {glowing} testimonials…

I love knowing 'Brand Yourself Beautiful' is getting some marvelous results, and I get so excited to be a part of someone's journey from woe to glow. But my HUGESTEST joy is when one of my happy ladies writes to me about their story. Here are some of my favourite, most beautiful stories so far…



waking up in paris gladys ato clarissa grace personal style online
I jumped at the opportunity to work with Clarissa... even though I'm not a mom! I devoured her Ultimate Guide in one sitting, and instantly fell in love with her genuine heart, her uber-stylish eye, her elite fashion advice, and her cheeky humor. She was so much fun to work with!
I love the way Clarissa broke down the usual rules and gave me a fresh perspective on how I can use my style in a really strategic way. What hit home the most for me was her mantra of dressing the way you want to FEEL, rather than dressing according to what fruit shape your body is. She taught me that style isn't a superficial act of throwing fabric on your body. That it's a ritual of adorning your entire being with layers of confidence, amazing self-worth, and a standout message that will do all the speaking for you in your business and life. I recommend Clarissa to ANYONE who is looking to reclaim their beauty and shine through. 



DianaTower.jpgwaking up in paris clarissa grace diana tower personal style online

Before working with Clarissa, it’s safe to say that my default thoughts weren’t filled with rainbows and unicorns. They were critical, harsh and kind of bitchy. But as I worked with Clarissa, I came out of my critical-bitchy shell.

At first I kept fixating on all the negative things. But something started to happen, I suddenly kind of liked what I saw in the mirror (WHAT?). Long story short... I ended up taking photos of my naked bod for the first time EVER. This one moment changed the way I look and feel about my body... and style… and myself. What a gift!

Clarissa also taught me to give the fashion industry rules the finger.  No more “dress your shape”.  She gave me permission to have fun, focus on what I think is pretty and really be creative.  Sometimes rules work but it’s liberating to have the freedom to choose.  Now I wear clothes that make me feel beautiful and comfortable and Clarissa really taught me the value of that.



Katie Kozwolski waking up in paris clarissa grace personal style online business mum
I loved working with Clarissa! I’m a really creative and playful person and I have so much fun with clothes. But I think the way I used to dress was far too over the top. I struggled to find a balance between expressing what was beautiful to me, while being able to align that with the heart and message of my brand. Sometimes that confusion made me feel ashamed.
Clarissa helped me create looks that are exactly my style, but that are also extremely stylish. Now I have fun mixing and matching and creating different looks and vibes that help my business stand out, but in a much more elegant way. I used to do “too much.” But now I do “just enough.”



Eevi Jones Clarissa Grace Waking up in paris personal style online
I knew from the first couple of paragraphs of reading Clarissa'a Ultimate Guide that I wanted to work with her. I practically gulped down every word of that thing! Then when she started coaching me, she helped me think completely differently about my body. It was seriously amazing! I realised how deep the damage goes for us women, and how much it has affected me personally and influenced the way I had been dressing. 
For so long I'd thought that clothes were just an outside thing. And about looking tall and skinny. I thought that that's what hiring a personal stylist was all about. But Clarissa is different. She taught me that style isn't just about fashion or trends or whatever's on Instagram. But that style is about filling your world with as much beauty as possible. And about how you can show the world the story you want for your life through the way you dress.
Clarissa taught me how to dig deep, and how to transform myself from the inside out, instead of the other way around. She was such an incredible support to me and I'm pretty sure I've recommended her to every woman I know! 




Sooo… are you ready to get my one-on-one help with your personal style? Help finding your dazzling core of confidence, shine bright like a damn diamond, and magnetise dream clients?

YES? Then lock yourself into the calendar for a FREE one-on-one Clarity Call with moi! 

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