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As online personal stylist and founder of Waking Up In Paris, Clarissa Grace teaches mum entrepreneurs to embrace their bodies, redefine beauty and transform themselves through the power of personal style. She is professionally trained in fashion design, costume design, and haute couture through The Paris American Academy, and has created hundreds of couture wedding gowns for brides under her self named label. Clarissa has been splashed on the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Woman's Day, chatted on Channel 7 and Nine, and dressed some of Australia's most dazzling stars such as Isabel Lucas, Kate Ritchie, Jodi Gordon and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

Clarissa wholeheartedly believes that there is nothing so powerful as a woman who feels beautiful. After the suicide of her father and the death of her third son two weeks later, she experienced intimately the way grief can create a wardrobe of its own. The feminine and the colourful became baggy and black. But after a long season of sadness and a longing for more, Clarissa made the decision to stop dressing the way she felt, and start dressing the way she wanted to feel. She started dressing like the woman she wanted to become, even though she hadn’t become her yet. And by bringing beauty back into her wardrobe, she was delightfully surprised that it not only transformed her style, but her mind, her heart and her life.

Clarissa lives on the beaches of Sydney with her husband and three children. She loves showgirl dancing, Nutella, and bubble baths. She's also known to house an inner bowerbird. A bird that is drawn to beautiful things and lovely colours, and the reason she accidentally buys sparkly, dangly earrings, shimmery-pink nail polish, beaded coin-purses and Japanese silk kimonos.


Waking Up In Paris | Clarissa Grace | Personal Style Online | Online Fashion Stylist | Press | Media | Features | Mom Boss | Fashion For Working Moms & Mompreneurs




Clarissa is available to comment, write & chat about topics such as…

• PERSONAL STYLE – How a woman can tell the world what she wants and what she dreams of being through the clothes she wears. How she can curate a wardrobe filled with styles she loves. And how she can select pieces that make her feel gorgeous and be seen as the expert she's worked so hard to be. 

• TRANSFORMING A LIFE THROUGH STYLE – How after a season of crushing grief, Clarissa decided to stop dressing the way she felt and started dressing the way she wanted to feel. And how this simple decision wasn't just a change in her style… it was a transformation of her mind, her heart and her life. And how every women can transform their life through the power of personal style. 

• BODY POSITIVITY – How women have been wounded by society's stick thin body ideals which have created a belief that is astonishingly untrue. How women can truly love their bodies, exactly as they are, right now. And how that is the most precious gift they can give themselves, their daughters, and the rest of the world. 

• REDEFINING BEAUTY – How women can reject society's narrow definition of beauty which has been so deeply ingrained in us. How true beauty is something that is unique to each one of us. And how women can redefine what beauty means to them in a way that is uplifting, authentic, and positive rather than unfulfilling, harmful and negative. 

• BEING A STYLISH MAMA – How becoming a mum to four babies not just only changed the shape of Clarissa's body, but also the priority she placed on caring for herself – slowly chipping away at her self-worth. How everything changed when she made the choice to invest in her wardrobe and make self-care a priority. And how all moms can learn to embrace their body and dress their shape in a way that helps them feel comfortable, confident and in control. 

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